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Colonial Travel cut its “travel teeth” more than 20 years ago arranging group travel to major figure skating events around the globe. Through the years and the dozens of figure skating tours we’ve arranged and hosted, our commitment to personal attention, quality and excellence help make Colonial Travel the favorite figure skating tour operator in North America. Annually, hundreds of our clients delight in witnessing these prestigious sporting events first-hand.

Why? It’s not because we are the largest figure skating tour company in North America. We aren’t, and don’t want to be. It isn’t even that we take the greatest number of fans to the most events, we can’t possibly, and don’t need to. No, for our many skating friends, both old and new, knowing in advance that traveling to any figure skating event with Colonial Travel means no skimping on quality or the fun. Why else would so many skating friends travel with us to event after event, year after year?

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